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Flow of Delivery From Production

At present, the request for production plant and inspection equipment is very advanced. Especially automation, high-speed, high-efficiency and early set-up are required.
Kyoei Seiko has advanced technology and new proposition for these Requirements, and provides a great advantage.
Please try our technology on your new project.

Machine design (planning)

Receiving your composition image plan, our staff propose the system.

System design

The staff acquainted with machine design, electric control design propose the whole system design.

Machine, controller design

All design of the machine, the electricity and the controller are also done by our staff.


The hardware is manufactured at our latest plant. (No.1 and No.2 factory)
We will take the responsibility of control the quality and time limit of delivery. (No.4 factory)

Assembling, Trial run

Assembling, system built-in, adjustment, trial run and test are done at our factory. (No.3 and No.5 factory)

Delivery, setup

We adjust and run a trial the complete machine on our responsibility before deliver it.
It is the same way when the machine deliver to abroad.


When deliver the machine, we'll be sure to instruct to the operator, explain the technology to the technical staff, make the technical document.


We promptly respond to your request for maintenance and management after the delivery.
And we cope with your require to improve or expand the machine exactly.
Design, design
Machine, Controller Design
Cold roll assembling
Assembling Cold Rolling M/C
Centering machine assembling
Assembling Centering Machine
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