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Hot Rolling

Outline of hot rolling

  • We have succeeded in developing the hot rolling technology which expansion ratio is higher on the basis of our cold rolling technology.
  • The difference between cold rolling and hot rolling is a tube expansion ratio and we can expand a tube in the greater ratio using hot rolling.
  • To perform hot rolling, we cannot show enough performance with the development only for processing devices. Complex and comprehensive technique and know-how about manufacturing are necessary for example: the choice of metal itself as a material, a batch furnace management technology to control exactly the time and temperature at the time of heating and the technology to carry high-temperature work piece.
  • We manufacture devices that use a method of hot rolling combining the metal processing technology and the accumulation of knowledge of conveyance and metallic material for more than 50 years.

Our development product has been recognized as a recipient of government subsidy for workmanship

  • The subsidy the government has established is approved a product and provided to it that is recognized as an excellent technology.
  • Our hot rolling machine is recognized as the recipient of this subsidy and it's already installed, delivered and has been in operation smoothly. As for recognition, it was rated highly as the following: it is a concept of workmanship that has never happened before; the machine that is actually produced satisfies a precision prescribed properly; and high efficiency and high productivity.
  • We will develop a system of higher accuracy and efficiency on a basis of this hot rolling technology.


  • It offers to enable controls of feeding speed, roll positions of by NC – Numerical Controls, offering to make it possible operational changes of various rolling conditions by a single touch of the button for multiple types of work piece.
  • Since it does not require digging a pit to have the machine sunk down in the foundation, it is possible to install in F.L as well as other series of machines.
  • It provides to convey the work piece on the inlet chute over to position to be rolled automatically by being equipped with standardized to install the loader for conveyance, and the work piece shall be forwarded to the outlet chute by the loader exclusive for outgoing conveyance after rolling expansion.
  • It is designed to make it possible with expansion even for non-symmetrical, taper geometry of work piece in conformance with the variable speed by being installed with double rolls having individually separated functioning, and also by making use of feed-back controls.
  • We materialized to have the work piece kept retaining in the center of roll during expansion, aiming at to continuous improvement of roundness and rolling accuracy.
  • We made it possible to facilitate disposing of cutting chip and scale by installing chip conveyer underneath the key position of rolling operation, that majority of users have been facing difficulty in these disposal of wastes.
  • Due to the fact that we materialized the rolling expansion with complex geometry, the machine provides to improve high level of material yields.

Main specification

[main specifications]
MAX. O.D. (mm)
φ 460
φ 460
φ 250
φ 180
min. O.D.(mm)
φ 150
φ 200
φ 150
φ 80
MAX. rolling width(mm)
MAX. rolling force (ton)

Product photograph

●Special butch furnace (left side) and Hot rolling machine (right side)
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