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Ring rolling between the heat

Rolling summary between the heat

  • I succeeded in the development of the rolling technology between the high heat of the efficiency to expand our cold rolling technology to be good at to a base more.

  • There is the difference between the heat in the ratio that I can expand if cold, and a heat interval can open a pipe in a big ratio.

  • I cannot show enough performance by the development only for processing equipment to perform rolling between the heat. A batch furnace management technology, a technique about the production generalization-like the composition including the technique to convey high temperature work and know-how to do management exactly at temperature, time at the time of a choice and the heating about the metal itself which is material are necessary.

  • Our company causes a metalwork technology and the conveyance system for more than 50 years and puts accumulation of the knowledge about the metal material together and produces the devices using the rolling method of construction between the heat.

Our development product was authorized by a manufacturing grant object

  • A country establishes it, and "the manufacturing grant" authorizes it about a superior manufacturing technology and an approved product and is provided.

  • The rolling machine between our heat is authorized by this manufacturing grant object and I already install it and am delivered and operate it smoothly. Productivity projected in a thing, the high efficiency that being a concept of the unprecedented manufacturing, the product which was actually processed met demand precision properly, and, in authorization, high things were evaluated.

  • The system which is higher-precision high efficiency will develop a rolling technology between this heat to a base in future in us.


  • Forwarding speed, the control of the roll position are enabled by making rolling forwarding the NC and can change a rolling condition of various work by button operation.

  • I dig a pit, and it is not necessary to let a machine sink, and setting is possible in F.L same as other machines.

  • I automatically convey material put into an import shot to the processing position by being shipped with a loader for the conveyance, and I am conveyed until an export shot by a loader for the export after rolling it, and being completed.

  • Match circumferential speed even with the different shape work such as the taper shape by a feedback function by making a double roll drive according to each and can roll it.

  • While I rolled it, I continued always maintaining roll center positions and realized roundness, improvement of the processing precision.

  • I facilitated difficult setsufun, the collection of the scale so far by installing a tip conveyer right under a processing position.

  • Because the rolling of the complicated shape was enabled, it becomes the zairyohoryu rino improvement.

A form and main specifications

[main specifications]
The biggest outer diameter (mm)
φ 460
φ 460
φ 250
φ 180
The smallest outer diameter (mm)
φ 150
φ 200
φ 150
φ 80
The most wide cloth (mm)
The biggest rolling power (ton)

Product photograph

●An exclusive batch furnace (the left side) and rolling machine (the right side) between the heat
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