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Representative Director and President Kadotani Yoshiki
Representative Director and President, Yoshiki Kadotani
 Since the founding of our company, Kyoei Seiko has designed and produced various types of specialty equipment and conveyors, developed KYOEI rolling machines and cooling rolling machines, and modified and repaired all types of equipment. Our research and experience in a wide range of fields has resulted in a passion for technological innovation not found in other companies, and has earned us the kind favor of our customers.
 In addition, we have placed particular emphasis on unique products backed by confidence and trust, the basis of our corporate philosophy, and worked hard with the all of our employees based on the motto of "new product development, advanced performance, and stable quality" to respond to continually diversifying market needs.
 Our employees are working hard to "build tomorrow" based on advanced technological skills while also pouring their good faith and conviction into each product, and concentrating their complete energies upon responding to the requests of consumers.
 Further, another characteristic of our company is the development of new products. We will continue to develop new equipment that contributes to future industry, vigorously making efforts toward the goal of improving the structure of our business.
 We look forward to your continued support and kind favor in the future.
Kyouei-seikou company
Kyouei-seikou company
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