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October, 1961
In 16-3, Kokubuhiganjocho, Kashiwara-shi, I found a mutual prosperity delicate work place.
July, 1965
I change an organization and establish Kyoei Seiko Co., Ltd.
January, 1968
I relocate the factory to 28-45, Kokubuhiganjocho, Kashiwara-shi.
June, 1978
I plan the reinforcement of the technical aspect and concentrate all energy on the development of the original machine which the other companies do not have. I set up Tokyo Office at the same time and widen a sales network in the Kanto area.
March, 1979
I accept an order of the facilities machine of NISSAN MOTOR Co., Ltd. and various car manufacturers and I design it and produce it and come to deliver it.
October, 1980
Assembly plant new establishment (the third factory)
April, 1982
Inspection factory new establishment (the fourth factory)
December, 1984
I start sale by the completion of all automatic cold rolling molding boards which repeated research and development.
January, 1989
I perform the national sale of all automatic cold rolling molding boards and overseas sale.
August, 1993
Development assembly plant new establishment (the fifth factory)
July, 2002
I accept an order of exclusive plane maintenance, overhaul mainly and strengthen the after of the Asian area.
July, 2002
The ISO14001 head office, the factory certification acquisition
October, 2007
New an assembly plant in 4270-20, Kokubuhiganjocho, Kashiwara-shi (the east factory)
April, 2012
The ISO9001 east factory certification acquisition
May, 2012
Mass production start of the USA (railroad parts maker) BRENCO product
April, 2013
The ISO14001 east factory certification acquisition
February, 2014
The ISO9001 head office, the factory certification acquisition
March, 2014
By the completion of the rolling molding board between all automatic heat that repeated research and development, preparation for mass production is regulated well
September, 2015
Mass production start of the USA (bearing maker) TIMKEN product
May, 2019
Furthermore, it is succeeded in rolling development between the special heat that a shape is complicated
Kyouei-seikou company
Kyouei-seikou company
Kyouei-seikou company
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