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Quality and environmental activities

Kyoei Seiko Environmental Charter

Basic philosophy

Kyoei Seiko, a supplier of FA engineering, contributes to the achievement of an affluent society and an improved environment through corporate activities as well as the development of technology that is beneficial to both people and the environment.

Environmental policy

  1. We are deeply aware that protection of the global environment is an important corporate mission. We perform environmental evaluations at the development and design stages of machine tools, apply frameworks to set and review environmental goals, and pay thoughtful consideration to the prevention of environmental pollution while striving to provide products that save natural resources and energy.
  2. We strive to continually improve the reduction of waste, prevention of pollution, and saving of natural resources and energy at all stages of corporate activity, from production to shipment.
  3. We observe laws and regulations as well as any other requests to improve our level of environmental control.
  4. We have an accurate understanding of the technological needs for protection of the global environment, and contribute to society by developing and providing the products that meet these needs.
  5. We provide environmental education for all employees, including those of subsidiary and related companies, to thoroughly promote our environmental management system and improve environmental awareness.
  6. This policy is disclosed to anyone upon request, and actively publicized.
Established July 7, 2003
Amended March 17, 2004
Amended March 13, 2006

Quality policy

"We act with top priority for our quality to gain our customer's trust and satisfaction."
  1. We strive to improve quality, cost and delivery deadline in accordance to a change of our customer's request for stable and advanced quality.
  2. We set a quality goal and make an effort to achieve the goal.
  3. We improve our system of quality assurance continually.
  4. We observe laws and customer's requirements being sincere on the basis of co-prosperity and coexistence.
Established December 1, 2011

Kyoei Seiko Co., Ltd.
Representative Director and President Kadotani Yoshiki
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