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Advanced Technological Skill

We can cope with various kinds of needs.
We, Kyoei Seiko, have many technicians who have experienced many difficult development of production plant and inspection equipment. Though they each have their specialties, they can grasp the whole of the system. So we can give various proposals toward various requests.It's our strongest point.


Design and produce the automatic machine and the robot which will built into the perfect automation line are our favorite field.
We've shown our technology widely in the manufacturing line of the automobile, the bearing assembling line and every other FA line.

Electric control technology

We've tried to raise the level especially in electronic control that becomes the core technology of automated equipment. We have our original technology in sequence controller, microcomputer control, design of analog circuit, digital circuit, development of hardware, software, programming.

Precision Processing, Assembling

We have many proven results of processing the precision parts such as locating, loader; measuring machine and special conveyor, developing the equipment for assemble and carry.

Photograph in the factory

The first factory (can manufacturing, machine reconstruction factory)
No.1 factory (boiler making, restoration)
The second factory (processing factory)
No.2 factory (processing)
The third factory (assembly plant)
No.3 factory (assembling)
The fifth factory (inspection room)
No.5 factory (inspection)
The fifth factory (development section)
No.5 factory (development section)
The east factory
The East factory
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