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The delivery results

Customer name

Customer name

Nissan Motor
Hitachi Automotive Systems Ltd.
Nissan Kohki
Toyota Motor Corporation
Asahi Seiko
Aichi Machine Industry Co.,Ltd.
Sanyo Special Steel
Isuzu Motors Ltd.
Daido Special Steel Co.,Ltd.
Fuji Heavy Industries, Ltd.
Sekisui House, Ltd.
Jidosha Buhin Kogyo Co.,Ltd.
Matsushita Electric Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Koyo Machine Ind. Co., Ltd.
Chiyoda Corp.
Isuzu techno
Nippon Seiko K. K.
Toyota Industries Corp.
Japanese pillow block
And many others...
Foreign countries
Nissan (Mexican factory) (British factory) (Spanish factory)
Isuzu (Thai factory)
INA company
EXEDY Malaysia
SWH company
GM, Daewoo car (Korea) (China) (Romania)
ORS (Turkey)
Renault, Samsung car (Korea)
GMB Corporation
HANHWA (Korea)
FTP company
Datong heavy industries (Korea)
Hyundai Motors (Korea)
Shinetsu chemistry Malaysia
TIMKEN company
ROLEX (India)
JATCO Mexico
Chongqing Chang Jiang industrial Co., Ltd.
Tungpei Industry Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
NRB (Taiwan)
ILJIN (Korea)
Daemyung industry (Korea)
And many others...
Overseas affiliates

Products delivery results

Motor related

Cylinder block related
Milling for up and down, left and right special purpose machine
Milling, perforator, tap FTL
Post hole tape special machine
Automatic engraving device
NC turret special machine
Automatic assembling machine
Thrust side special processing machine
Sealing & cap press fit machine
Water hole processing T/FM/C
Automatic transport system
Cylinder head related
Milling for up and down, left and right special purpose machine
Automatic assembling machine
Post hole tape special machine
Automatic transport system
NC turret special machine
Automatic engraving device
Oilgallery hole special processing machine
Both edge faces milling & centering special machine
Plug clamping machine
Locate milling special machine
sealing & cap press fit machine
Crankshaft related
Screw rolling machine
Post process gauge
Unbalance modification machine
Transport system between all cutting processes
Post hole tape special machine
Transport system between all griding processes
Oil hole plug (ball) press fit machine
Plane for exclusive use of the former back me ring & center ring
Pilot Bush sealing & press fit machine
Both back and forth faces milling & centering special machine
Automatic transport system
(floor gantry loader, and elevator)
Camshaft related
Keyway milling special machine
Classification shipment device
Oil hole processing T/F, M/C
Facing slot milling T/F, M/C
Locating pin press fit machine
Metal groove processing special machine
Engraving device (roll, air, laser)
Oil hole processing special machine
Oil gallery hole processing T/F, M/C
Lot and cap assembling machine
Transport system between all processes
Recognition color application device
Con rod related
Small end burnishing M/C
Bush press fit machine
Material depalletizer
Direction aligning device
Transport system between all processes
Clamping hole processing special machine
Transmission related
NC turret M/C
Ring/shifter gear blank cold rolling machine
Milling & centering M/C
T/C automatic lubricator
Unit drill M/C
Rolling M/C
Transport system between each parts processing
Index M/C
Midway dump device
Multi-drill/tap M/C
Gear speeder
Caulking machine
Gear chamfering machine
Automatic assembling machine
Axle related
NC milling & centering M/C
NC turret special machine
Rolling machine (screw, spline, knurl)
Tube press fit machine
Axle shaft hole processing T/F, M/C
Brake leak tester
Transport system between all griding processes
Ball cage cold rolling machine
Axle case processing T/F, M/C
Bolt press fit machine
Axle tube hole processing special machine
Knuckle spindle axle diameter automatic measurement device
Keyway milling special machine
Knuckle milling special machine
Multi-drill and tap special machine
Palletizer and depalletizer
Brake drum processing vertical lathe
Transport system between outer race processing all processes
Brake drum horning M/C
Transport system between each parts process
Steering related
Pinion shaft screw sereshon rolling board
Valve shaft rolling machine
Milling and centering M/C
Transport system between each parts process
Rack cold processing machine
Camshaft automatic insertion device
Housing oil pump automatic assembling machine
Cylinder head lapping device
Bearing beam cap press fit assembling machine
Rocker cover caulking device
Setup (jig, tooling, software, measurement, conveyance) of the starting-up line of the use of general-purpose machine
Valve cotter assembling machine
Ring gear chamfering machine
Valve oil seal assembling machine
Locker shaft external face cutting and edge face processing T/F, M/C
Valve retainer assembling machine
Swing arm finishing T/F, M/C
Retro fit overhauling
C/HFMS line jig gyanguhettosofuto remodeling
Overhauling for multi-axis drill and tap special machine for milling machine
C/B line bowling T/FM/C remodeling
Overhaluing for milling anc centering machine
Inner outer diameter grinder centerless grinder nostalgic fitting
Overhaluing for cold rolling machine and screw spline rolling machine
Plane nostalgic fitting for exclusive use of the NC turret
Assembling machine transport system
Machining center NC lathe nostalgic fitting
Retrofit forMeasurement device

Electric related

Electric connection
Disk processing special machine
Inclined base defective descriminating and measuring machine
Disk processing drill tap 12ST index M/C new work and remodeling
Disk perforator special machine
Chassis cylinder base processing T/F, M/C
TV frame processing NC milling special machine
Inclined base processing mini-transfer M/C

Bearing connection

Installation relations
Crimp it automatically; a plane
Assembling press line
Manual operation, all automatic matching devices
Grease enclosure machine
The set screw insertion machine
Shield press fit machine
Each parts Hopper device
The ball insertion machine
Inner outer ring carved seal device
Each parts washing device
Separation press machine
Each parts assembling jig
Ball matching, separator and caulking device
Each parts transport system
Carved seal & rust prevention device
Direction standing in line device
Measurement relations
After gauge with washing machine
anderommeta automatic sound measuring machine
The inside diameter measurement automatic screening equipment
Outer ring orbit measuring machine
Examination for inner outer diameter machine
Edge master
Examination of sound machine
B & R axial gap measuring machine
Processing relations
Set screw automatic processing M/C
Spherical surface drilling board
Ball grinder
Outer ring external form grinder
Private drill
No core grinder
The private inside diameter grinder
Steel ball lapping M/C
Inner outer ring cold molding rolling board
Remodeling overhaul nostalgic fitting
Each maker no core grinder remodeling O/H
Internal grinder remodeling O/H is nostalgic
Buff grinder remodeling
External form grinder O/H is nostalgic
Various tester remodeling O/H
Other various processing machine remodeling O/H nostalgic fitting
Gardner both sides grinder remodeling O/H
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