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At Kyoei Seiko, it is ideal for engineers to actively involved in a cross-over technical field without being restricted to a single field.
The creativity born from such engineers establish the technology of the original brand.
There is a French saying: “People abandon opportunities rather than opportunities abandon people.”
Let's make the most of your power together in Kyoei Seiko where you can grow as an engineer and also a human being.

Application guidelines

The type of job
(1) Manufacturing           (2) Machine assembling
(3) Machine design engineer (4) electricity design engineer
A new graduate and experienced person until 30 years old
I treat experience, age, ability well by our rule after consideration.
Raise in salary once a year, a bonus are fully equipped with transportation expenses total amount supply, various social insurance twice a year,            Various medical treatment (family, house, perfect attendance, overtime) existence
Working hours
Holiday vacation
Take two days off at the weekend (with the mutual prosperity calendar), Sundays and holidays, New Year holidays, the summer, paid vacation existence.     Annual holiday 112 days
Work location
Kyoei Seiko Co., Ltd. head office 28-45, Kokubu Higanjo-cho, Kashiwara-shi, Osaka
Tel 072-977-1281 Fax 072-977-7182

Application method

I have you call or would like it from following adoption special HP.
I will inform you later as soon as I confirm it here.
TEL: 072-977-1281
For more details, please visit our recruiting special web site!

Job offer information (all types of job)

Machine design (halfway)

Recruitment release date: 2019-11-06

The type of jobMachine design (halfway)
The employment form

Regular employee

Offer contents
I am engaged in the machine design, control designs such as an "FA line" "plane for exclusive use of a lot of".
Most are made-to-order and, to various requests of the customer, make a drawing.

Our company receives image plan, a constitution plan, and the company staff performs system suggestion and consulting.
I meet maintenance after the delivery, consultation in the administration quickly.
In addition, the same work is exclusive because I cope with the improvement of facilities, a request of the expansion precisely,
There are pleasure and the fun that are not routine work.

[concrete duties]
・Development design of the new engine parts of the car
・Process design of the large-scale bearing mass production for the railroad

Monthly salary 190,000yen300,000yen

It is decided in consideration of experience, ability.
A bonus twice a year (for 2.5 months in total: in July in December) raise in salary once a year (June)

Transportation expenses total amount supply
There is a rent assistance system
Equipped with social insurance (health, welfare annuity, the employment, workmen's accident)
Various systems (including the congratulations or condolence iron, the employee commendation)
There is a meal allowance (there is a rule and can eat a lunch for lunch one meal 180 yen)
There is overtime pay (there is a rule)
There is an outside duty allowance (there is a rule)
There is a family allowance (there is a rule)
The retirement bonus system
There are a car, the motorcycle which there are maternity leave, the parental leave acquisition results in, a bicycle commuting possible parking lot (free)
Resort hotel (ekushibu member)

Company nameKyoei Seiko Co., Ltd.
Work location

582-0023 OsakaKokubuhiganjocho, Kashiwara-shi28-45

Is a car by car than JR Yamato line Oji Station than Kintetsu Osaka Line Kawachi-Kokubu Station for ten minutes in JR Yamato line Kawachi-Katakami Station 7-minute walk; ten minutes
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