The world's most advanced technique
Kyoei Seiko Co., Ltd. is one of the world's top manufacturers of cold ring rolling machinery equipment.
We have produced many automobile parts machining lines.
Company introduction
 Since the founding of our company, Kyoei Seiko has designed and produced various types of specialty equipment and conveyors, developed KYOEI rolling machines and cooling rolling machines, and modified and repaired all types of equipment. Our research and experience in a wide range of fields has resulted in a passion for technological innovation not found in other companies, and has earned us the kind favor of our customers.
 In addition, we have placed particular emphasis on unique products backed by confidence and trust, the basis of our corporate philosophy, and worked hard with the all of our employees based on the motto of "new product development, advanced performance, and stable quality" to respond to continually diversifying market needs.
Design and production
From design development to delivery
At present, the request for production plant and inspection equipment is very Advanced. Especially automation, high-speed, high-efficiency and early set-up are required.
Kyoei Seiko has advanced technology and new proposition for these Requirements, and provides a great advantage.
Please try our technology on your new project.
Advanced technological skill
We can cope with various kinds of needs.
We, Kyoei Seiko, have many technicians who have experienced many difficult development of production plant and inspection equipment. Though they each have their specialties, they can grasp the whole of the system. So we can give various proposals toward various requests.It's our strongest point.
We introduce our products.
We have created a system that utilizes the system from the perspective of customer's work efficiency and improving satisfaction.
Machine for special purposes                 Retro fit                                                    Order for processing parts          
Machine for special purposes
Order for processing parts
Recruiting information
We are looking for co-workers to create and challenge together with us.
By fully backing up our staff, we are focusing on creating an environment where employees can easily work and improve their skills.
The ability of each staff member to be active and fully capable is essential to the development of the organization.
Don't you want a rewarding job in an environment where you can work in peace and for a long time? We look forward to your application!
What's New?
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