The world's most advanced technique
The Kyoei Seiko Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of world top-level cold ring rolling facilities.
The production actual influence such as motor parts processing equipment lines is abundant, too.
 I will meet needs with high customer.
Company introduction
The mutual prosperity delicate work repeated studies with a rolling board made in design, production, oyobi bi KYOEI of the special transport system, the development of the cold rolling machine and remodeling, the repair of every machine since establishment an opportunity for exclusive use of a lot of as far as it was wide, and the other companies inclined the passion to the innovation that there was not, and they were pleased to grant great patronage of.
In addition, I put an emphasis to the unit-related product which there is lined by trust and the trust that are a basic idea of the corporate management, and all the employees make an effort in a motto by stability of advancement, the quality of development, the performance of the new product sincerely and will meet market needs to diversify more and more in future.
Design development
From design development to the delivery

A plant, the request for inspection facilities are becoming very high now. I always become automation, speedup, the high precision, and high efficiency and the early setup of facilities are required in that. I have high technology and new suggestion power in order to meet these requests, and the mutual prosperity delicate work will provide a big merit. For a new project, please examine high technology of the mutual prosperity delicate work.
High technology

I answer in a great variety of needs. In the technical camp of the mutual prosperity delicate work, the engineer who experienced many difficult plants, the development of inspection facilities is prepared until now. Besides, there is the power that total can grasp as a system while each one makes a specialty of a machine, and there is electricity as a specialty. Therefore, for various requests, I can suggest it variously. Here is the strongest place of the mutual prosperity delicate work.
Product guidance
I will introduce our product.
I made the structure utilizing the system in a viewpoint called the duties efficiency of the customer and the improvement of the satisfaction.
Ring rolling between the heat
Plane for exclusive use of a lot of
Reproduction technology
Trust processing parts
Plane for exclusive use of a lot of
Machine reproduction technology
Parts processing order
Employment information
I create it with us and challenge it
It recruits friends.
By backing up the staff totally, is easy to work, and we concentrate power on the skill making of environment that we can improve. Each staff can play an active part, and it is essential to the development of the organization to be able to fully show power. In the environment that can play an active part for a long time in peace, do you not do a worthwhile work? I look forward to your application.
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